Monday, February 4, 2013

Mango withdraw controversial T-shirts

Tuana Mango

Mango has been used without the image of a Swedish Instagrammer, Tuana , to illustrate a shirt that has put up for sale without having the rights of this image, which has resulted in the subsequent public denunciation by the user in one of photo and has generated a stir on social networks.

From Mango have informed us that there was a mistake by one of their suppliers and this did not have the image rights of Tuana photo. They will proceed to remove all products of this market model. Besides expressing his apologies for this error, in his own words.

Handle Mango Instagram.

Mango has uploaded a photo to her Instagram regretting what happened and announcing the withdrawal of the shirts:

We feel the misuse of the user's image of Instagram @ Tuana in one of our shirts. This is a design made by an outside vendor assured us the possibility of using it in our collection. We proceeded to remove the garment from the sale.

The image belongs to Tuana Aziz, a Swedish photographer who has 10,359 followers and 234 photos right now. He himself Mango contacted through his Instagram account and its corresponding Twitter .

The case of the ownership of an image or a drawing by foreign brands for later sale we have experienced recently with many companies, including companies such as Inditex with several examples at different times that have taken a similar procedure to that of Mango: marketing, later discovery of plagiarism and recall. Network with the speed and interconnect fails a hand. And in between, possible legal action against the brand that add to discredit image to discover such cases.

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