Thursday, February 21, 2013

Months pass and Balenciaga boots continue to triumph


I promise (and usually do), I will not ever say that of 'this is not what I would not for all the gold in the world'. For in the end time showing me just how wrong I was. And that's what I thought the first time I saw the Balenciaga boots: I was horrified. However, after months being paid now seeing gold wear them. Yes, I know, I get influenced and I know how terrible they are. But I made ​​and I like the vibes they give. And you know they benefit substantially.

Pants, skirts or dresses. Who cares! These boots get a roll trash to give more ladylike look.


Of the first to show off was Fashiontoast Rumi. And since almost all its inputs leverages new shoes and gives outputs and interpretations.


After Sabrina DRK not hesitate to buy them. And although it has a very simple and straightforward style, these shoes are made ​​for your closet: always get your outfits look very style clothes despite having opposite.


Soraya Bakhtiar going to last forever, so we should not wonder or take a surprise when he shows us his different looks. With volso Chanel, Hermès or Céline, their Balenciaga always walk cannon.


And the last to succumb to this temptation has been Chiara Ferragni. In this last week of London Fashion glad the blonde showed his latest acquisition.


Are you one of those that hates them, took a clone or pants for them like me?

Photos | The blonde salad , Instagram @ lenaperminova , Fashiontoast , Soraya Bakhtiar , Carolines Mode , After DRK
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