Saturday, February 9, 2013

New York Snow makes the front rows were filled with furs

heidi klum

No Fashion Week that boasts that do not fill their respective front rows of all kinds of famous. And as in New York's freezing ago, with blizzard and all, all or nearly all skins are Puntan carry. The best choice to keep warm, the skin is always synthetic, are the skins.

Let's start with Heidi Klum, whose style tends not please me too, but look, this time I will give a remarkably high. I love how she is the fur vest and studs, white shirt, brocade trousers and that collected with giant hoop earrings.

heidi klum ny

Another often wearing fur vests as is Olivia Palermo. I find it too familiar to the outfits. Are you running out of ideas looks the trendsetter?

Olivia Palermo

And we ended the session with the hair coats rocker style Zoe Kravitz, with white hair, a very cool option.

Zoe Kravitz

But that is not afraid to cold is Petro Nemcova with strapless neckline, ale daughter, cover that you'll catch a cold.

Petra Nemcova

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