Thursday, February 21, 2013

Nieto Moses, Sita Murt and TCN on the final day of the Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Madrid


The last day of parades of Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Madrid news in store for us. Designers who had never marched in Cibeles it was premiered today, as Moses Nieto. Other brands, as usual the Cibeles, as Sita Murt TCN also presented their new collections. Tomorrow is the EGO and shall be terminated at a week of fashion in Madrid. In Jared I summarized the day today.



I have to admit that I do not like too see parades of lingerie on the catwalk but I can not ignore that is a classic in our gateway. The brand TCN besides lingerie also had a collection of casual wear. Totón Comella shows a collection of urban cloth coats and corduroys mixed with thick wool sweaters. Regarding proposals lingerie are minimalist in bright colors or with a grunge touch with transparencies. To summarize a collection entirely forgettable.



A Etxebarria him things are going pretty well. It premiered in Cibeles and clothes has several outlets outside our borders. The Basque designer presented a collection of 36 high quality coats for men but also women can lead. Coats are masculine cut materials ranging from pure wool to yak or fox. The only complaint I get to that collection is the use of animals to realize it, too bad.

Nieto Moses

moises nietp

Nieto Moses debuts on the main walkway of the Mercedes Benz Fashion Week Madrid. His collection is called Taxidermy. The designer has presented a unique collection of clothes where recycling has a high profile and a double life for them. Parts salvaged from flea markets, such as coats, to transform something "dead" into something alive again. Sweatshirts with animals adorned with Swarovski crystals, cut dresses with printed lady old park to provide garments unusual warmth. The jewelry and accessories have also been made with antique pieces to create unique market. Special mention to the wonderful collection of shoes, a collaboration with Iphigenia by Moisés Nieto, designs and bright colors mixed together with patchwork of different skins.

Sita Murt


Sita Murt is a leading brand since 1924 offering knitwear. That's his trick and exploit it endlessly gracefully. His new collection is minimalist and proposals that are 100% wearable. Knitted dresses with tight wool and mohair blend. Sweaters thick, warm and comfortable combined with skinny jeans for women who do not follow fashion.

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