Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Now that I've managed, Anna Sophia (or Carrie)


If before the final styling critic discovered the prequel of Sex in New York, appears before a look that exceeds, by far, but for evil. Let's start desgranarlo step by step, the thing is priceless.


Oh, thunder and lightning. Contemplate just dazzled me. The arociris fits in a look and I unknowingly. But the worst is not polychromatic combination, on the other hand to me is a lot, but the details.

The pattern of the skirt is hard to see, own a cafeteria menu Back to the Future, the jacket buttons that are not 80, but are grandma's trunk but our great-grandmothers grandmother . Perlite turquoise is the final of a series ten, ten errors.

Before I discovered the Miss Marple visiting the palace of the Queen Mother, this is the Doña Croquette (character not know if you have less than 30) becomes beautiful to visit the Queen.

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In Jared | Grammy 2013, the best dressed at an event where the dress code is the Holy Grail
In Jared | The Grammy want to plug the "breasts" and "rear" of the famous. What would have happened with these looks?

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