Monday, February 25, 2013

Oscars 2013: And the award for worst dressed goes to ...


And finally came the day: the most anticipated red carpet each year, the Oscars 2013. Personally the level was low compared to previous years, but you know, this is how it goes. And whenever there is a red carpet we show the best dressed and immediately have to talk about the worst. Those who by their choice of dress, makeup, hair or everything in general failed to shine and the camera played tricks on them. And I must say that for taste colors: this is a choice that we have made ​​every Trendencias editors, so maybe you do not agree with it.

We started by singer Kelly Rowland and her black and white dress with strapless neckline signed by Donna Karan Atelier. That crack kills him everything, and choosing your hairstyle with the top bun on the crown and a big thick bangs. Horrible.


I have no words to describe the neckline of Brandi Glanville. All the time I was not aware of anything escape him, and that the chances of a walk out his front were very high. One thing is wanting to go sexy, quite another to teach everything and leave little to the imagination.


Actress Rachel Mwanza chose a dress pattern too, with too colorful, too many frills and a sort of flower on the side that ended the organized disaster.


The ends fuchsia tired

There are shades and tones to as what occasions. And the bright pink is fine for summer time, but not for a red carpet. at least for my taste. And the election of Maria Menounos creaked like the most. The design was nice, but the color, hairstyle and jewelry made ​​it look like Malibu Barbie Mattel put out of the house.


Fan Bingbing elections tend to like me, but last night I did not share their tastes. And that dress is full of volume, with the color and bow at the top of the crown were not to my liking.


Opt for the blue??

Who signs your dress Helen Hunt? H & M. Yes, you read it as such. To me my mouth contorted when to learn, and her dress looks not bad. Not much but does not squeak as others. The fact is that those wrinkles for a red carpet like yesterday were not permitted.


Without words or encouragement. So I left the outfit chosen by Nancy O'Dell, who more than a red carpet, seemed straight out of a gymnastics display. Definitely not.


The golden age

Gold is a ringtone which I have tired. That's why when I saw Catherine Zeta-Jones and tulle Zuhair Murad (and filled with gold embroidery) I tired to infinity. Very seen that type of choice.


And Renee Zellweger's dress from Carolina Herrera did not think it would sit well. There was something I failed: I do not know whether this material, how to fit him or her hairstyle, but the fact is that I did not like at all.


From rigorous black

The black always wins. With him know that you are looking elegant, classic and sure bets on. But there are things that can not stand the color, and that's the wrong choice of garment. Like what? The black dress Valentino dress Samantha Barks. The neckline impossible and she bragged of it played a trick on him. Just look at the people around you look how the neckline ...


We continue with this color and now it is the turn to Salma Hayek and Alexander McQueen. I think the hair is what makes the actress is not 100 &, what do you think?


One of the usual here is Helena Bonham Carter, and although yesterday was just right with her ​​dress black and white bicolor, that hairstyle is done (so old fashioned) undermines all you can carry.


What mermaid who lives under the sea came the actress Daryl Hannah. I do not know what I wanted to achieve with the choice of her dress, but the fact is that this neckline attacked by seaweed knocked me sideways as crabs.


And to end the controversial election and we will rain down criticism for it: Nicole Kidman. The dress is fine except when you get close to these low full of golden spirals ...


Who deserves to win the award for worst dressed?

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