Sunday, February 10, 2013

Perfect for your wedding day, inside and out. Victoria's Secret (and Miranda Kerr) are responsible for lingerie


After little acceptance to new Mango campaign Spring-Summer 2013 with Miranda Kerr as sole and total character, the model is again but this time the protagonist of the campaign bridal lingerie from Victoria's Secret. More in style and as we used to, the Australian palm shows that God has given and it has worked well (I do not think that all this is for nothing).

How could it be otherwise, given sets are white and full of lace and satin. Very sexy models for your special day. and is that brides have to go outside and beautiful inside.


I guess these bodies with ruffles on the back (and available in white or blue) are sleeping. A garment that I can not understand much, but is that the lingerie is not something I control perfectly.


The tone is sexy everywhere: either a two-piece pajamas or a two-piece lingerie set.


But best are the nightgowns: playing with transparencies and lace. It is clear that one can not walk like this every day of the year (especially in winter) and we do not like to sit it (have clear, right?), But not every day is going honeymoon, so should molar surprise your husband with a new nighttime outfit.


Although I'm so basic that I prefer the typical signature pajama stripes, but this time in blue.


What do you think of the result?

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