Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Peter Pilotto Fall-Winter 2013/2014: paint and color, applauded and convinced


Bravo, Bravissimo. What an explosion of wonderful colors and exquisite embroidery cuts, all together with grace, originality and unpretentious epatar intending empty but look at our bodies. Autumn Winter Collection 2013/2014 by Peter Pilotto is a delicacy.


A Chinese work to unite these wonderful prints embroidered with uplifting colors: their mustards seem more acidic, its uplifting red, black to white and spring seems more than anything else.


Their silhouettes begin with a strong commitment and strong, marcadísimos shoulders, straight cuts, no curves, robotic, heated by the preciousness of colors and fabrics and a point 80 in form but not in substance. We dive in China touches brought to the West but passed through the sieve of a Mugler d elos 80 that made up our shoulders and feeling of power, to the sky.

The arrival of Cara Delevingne and summum volume maxiestampado his coat with black and white fur collar, is the turning point.

Then the show begins to relax, the lines are closer to the body and feminized, silks and are cut exquisitely patterned scarves and skirts are wonderful butterfly. We seem to see a beautiful colorful insect with its wings to take off. Anyway convinces us. A round of applause and congratulations.

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