Thursday, February 7, 2013

Question of posturing that they fix or escacharran (the look, of course)


For the position will meet the blogger. There are bloggers whose posturing has become a manual decómo pose no go unnoticed in the attempt and the other, a flock, not all but many, go back. Oh how many misfortunes postural "!

I am mellifluous because the world has made me so


I do not know if the lady in question is mellifluous or not, but these are very fashion posturing today. One can be a viper of the old Dallas, bad they had to put Chulines and face and feet to good girl, blogger blogger gets.

My body is an action figure


Things look so splendid, if not for what it should look and not her mother. The body, without words. The world weighs on your shoulders. In fashion fashion was always curved backs, the posturing and sad eyes rare but life should not imitate fashion in specific things.

Playing hard


Oh what miedito, what the skull only giving a pass thinking that Miss Hamlet has in mind. Although I do not think.

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