Monday, February 18, 2013

Rights and wrongs at par. Love may yet


Couples with the time or just come to resemble hopelessly or distancing. Does it happen with the same style? I think definitely yes, each absorbs the best (and sometimes worst of the other), willy-nilly. In 2013 Goya saw all, they sang in their style and they do in the absence of it.


Ana Milan and Fernando Guillén Cuervo, very cute with her ​​Vicky Martin Berrocal and that they bristled at the television cameras because they spoke more than rags that movie. Yes daughter, and thank goodness.


Juana Acosta and Ernesto Alterio typical couple or what can I do if my wife and I is a Vidal i shere top of the pile and I can only show off with a tuxedo.


Macarena Gómez went red velvet, these dresses sold in neighborhood stores for weddings, with a gentleman with hair everywhere. Original or not??


I am of the opinion that a certain stage of life and career so that you look is not important. Assumpta Serna is proof of that. Olé by his companion, a colorful touch s smoking meantime boring.


Eduardo Chapero Jackson and journalist Marta Fernandez, discretitos and monkeys both.


Adánez Mary was not very successful and is on our list of the worst dressed, let that hair color but when one has so much love, pictured with her ​​husband, who cares.

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The Goya 2013 Trendencias

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