Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Rihanna's collection for River Island: the verdict


After months and months of progress, videos and commercials, has finally presented at this week's London Fashion collection in collaboration with Rihanna River Island, that why the singer has pocketed 1.2 million. And as expected after what we have seen in all the progress, the collection is 100% Rihanna.


Monochromatic dresses in black and white, singer Seal Barbados, are well represented in the collection. The same goes for beisboleras with which we have seen on more than one occasion in their looks and street style in the parade combined with top miniskirt and black color.


Monkeys and denim are also present in the collection. At Navy he saw the singer herself earlier this year must be added one digital print. The denim is seen in two-piece looks and cowboy shirts knotted at the waist.


That's not the only pattern we saw in the collection. There is also room for floral print in black and white that grips asymmetrical dresses, trousers and total ankle looks composed of hot pants and crop tops. In short, a collection very nineties.

Rihanna herself said:

The girl who view this collection must have a great personality and a lot of nerve, and be a fashionista. Many women love fashion and want to express themselves with what they wear. That's what I like to me.

Have you in the room?

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