Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Second day of the MB Fashion Week Madrid: the classic elegance across the bridge

Victorio Lucchino

Few proposals have been risky in today, except Rabaneda and Barros parade that opened the second day of MBFWM . Classic elegance, which is not surprising, but is more likely to be sold in stores stylistic exercises that do not follow the rules. That leaves a gateway Madrid increasingly boring.

Roberto Torretta


Roberto Torretta offers us a woman inspired by the 40s, with tight dresses ideal for a work to the cocktail, French-sleeved coats and two-piece suits. Best of Parade: leather dresses for day and long evening dresses.

Roberto Verino


Sophisticated work with leather and metallic glitter in the Roberto Verino Parade. Black lace and transparencies to produce a result suggestive and animal.

Victorio & Lucchino


Even as Victorio & Lucchino are cheerful and bold in these times. Immerse in gunmetal as a sign of the times that run the country and the times for them as a company. Short day dresses half and half (is the best definition I can find a style that does not inspire me at all) and evening dresses a little more attractive.

Angel Schlesser


The designer Angel Schlesser presented a good job for the day, with white and black as the main supporters of their garments. Subtle details like loops on the back, long coats that reach the ground, the touch of deep red, masculine air, much wool and mixed green with gray get a good result. For evening dresses in black minimalism unflattering.



The dread the day when we brought the parade's signature jewelry, with a spectacular audiovisual show that is projected on the screen, with the models coming out of the mansion of terror and a mysterious girl who has spent the screen to the catwalk. Moreover, a parade that serves to create brand Aristocrazy out in the media (the celebrity front row was packed) but in proposals, serves only to see huge and flashy necklaces, bracelets and chainmail medieval style on black evening dresses that are not sold in stores signature jewelry.

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