Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Sexy, pink and lace, the three ideas that Victoria's Secret wants to conquer for Valentines

Victorias Secret 2013

If we refer to Valentine and brands launched collections specially for these dates so loving Victoria's Secret certainly appears faster in our head. The company responsible for the most famous lingerie parade of the year is at this time when their particular gold and sell very well know their sexiest angels like Karlie Kloss , Candice Swanepoel and Lily Aldridge , who is behind the red mask.

2013 Victorias Secret Lingerie

If other brands such as Free People or Mango us some ideas for Victoria's Secret Valentine stands out in style, with four distinct lines of collection depending your tastes, more spicy or more restrained. I said that is not for lack of ideas.

candice Victorias Secret 2013

You have four lines to choose from: "My tempting Valentine", more seductive line of four, "My romantic Valentine" taste for something in between, without touching any extreme, "My flirty Valentine", a line that looks flirting with Ideas varied and in which the firm opts to by clichés and corny costumes (either a cowgirl or a maid ), or "My sweet Valentine", be signed by house, in pink pajamas and nightgowns.

karlie Victorias Secret 2013

Victoria's Secret I bet all the lace and pink in different variables, with a taste for pink and pastel pink, as well as transparencies or touches of black lace and satin. A wide variety of designs ranging from $ 29.50 (on sale) for some $ 158 nightgowns even some pajamas. Variety of models, variety of prices.

Although go, if you choose any of this with care because not everything is what they look like models or will look like them. There are better and more sensual signature Victoria's Secret.

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