Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Solange Knowles and "know how" risk in dress


I choose to risk and lose and not ahcerlo and win. And that at all. In a celebrity fashion value more playing with the boundaries of style, taste, other trends that will always perfect, pristine and gray. Solange Knowles has surprised me with his latest street looks and what it has done for their looks especially one, scratch limits.


Anyone who has been to New York in February will know that it is colder than Lapland. Look at that time so much color, so much mixture, would call attention to in Ibiza in August, is risky but she defends well. What's fashion without socks it aside and let the comments abound.


This look I particularly liked, for his touch sixtie and pop and it surprised me. It has that typical touch of Alexa Chung, a little sappy, a little retro a little naive, a little Bardot, but while in rank would be boring for me to Solange combined with his perfect hair and skin. I ran a trench with moles to combine with white shoe and bag.

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