Friday, February 1, 2013

Stay in shape at the gym. Oysho ensures that you are the coolest (and stylish)


I hate going to the gym, but then I see the bodies of Miranda Kerr & Co.. and autoconvenzo that I needed. Especially when the temperature starts to smell like spring, even if there are four months for it. I have to prepare psychologically to go to sports, then eventually wound down to the garage and doing static bike in pajamas. And the new collection of Oysho motivates me to get the bag and delve into one of those places where muscular bodies are everywhere.

But do not think I'm as delusional: I know I would never away just as well as the outfits to model for the campaign. But I still like what I see and I want something.


So what to look palm leave it in the fridge and after resting for safe spring (I hope and pray) my body resembles far distance to this girl. Therefore, the firm also offers us more demure clothes special for those hard spinning classes, and aerobic steps.


The leggings and wide products are the best choice to make your gym time is comfortable but flattering. And that's not to look cool rags.


In this collection has it all: from clothes to sports when other output for the gym as an oversize parka.


The blue and black is the winning combination, making draw attention but politely.



One thing I can not understand: why is that monkey noses backless? Yoga?? Pilates?? I do not see myself jogging with it. More than anything that the chest does not grab a lot with the back neck ...


More trendy to sport

Do not you ever happened to going to the gym (with those clothes who walks alone) and you find girls who are divine death and that could well go out with individual outfits? Well, Oysho now gives us the opportunity to be one of them.



You choose the predominant hue in your outfit. Want something simple but great? Then think of gray.




If it seems too boring or off, you can combine it with white: ideal and perfect couple.


And if you want some fun, go for these garments in multicolored tie dye.



What do you think the end result?

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