Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Still not knowing what to give? Last Minute Ideas for Valentine's hand Cath Kidston


It's inevitable: Valentine is here. Tomorrow lovers will go on street with a big smile on her face and ... not avoid the topic. For them, the day of love is like taking off a Band-Aid: You know it will hurt and start the spurt da club. But it's quick and then you feel better. At least that I take myself. But you know what? I have decided to love myself (no one else will do as well as I do) and give me a treat the body. A silly little detail. And like I've missed out sale or a bargain avoid clothing. Cath Kidston's why it's so good choice.

Cups of colors, makeup set, blanket for the sofa ... Everything is good if it comes to that peculiar vintage print of the house. I like your suggestions and I am a flawed of these gadgets, I have never enough. So tomorrow I have it clear and I'm gonna wake up in a good mood.


How you going to celebrate?

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