Sunday, February 3, 2013

Sunset New Candy Furla handbags? Ravage among bloggers like last year?

betty candy bag

Two summers followed by fever among blogs with Candy bags. If there is such a thing to give away several well-known bloggers to want to have all the same. And the success of a neon-colored bags, they left transparent inside was overwhelming. So for this season, Furla relaunch a new edition, renewed and more sophisticated will you see it?

In shades of violet, and transparent finish that both triumphed. One smooth and the other in tone gradient. So named after the sunset: Sunset Candy.

furla candy sunset

I like much more than previous versions, however much that The Blonde Salade shone in red version. And Betty had no less than three versions, in yellow, pink and blue. Anyway, is there someone is able to pay 200 euros for a plastic bag?

salade blonde candy bag

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