Thursday, February 28, 2013

The eleventh commandment to Cibeles "not copy"

The world of fashion in Spain lives two parallel realities. On one side are the big chains low cost textiles basing much of its success ( which should not your employees payroll number as appears to be the case in White ) to copy the most interesting to see on runways around the world and average marks in commercial designs and other are those who believe being part of an elite parading in the Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Madrid, also known as intimate Merchi by enemies, which in most cases industrial absent, and the presence in stores or impact beyond the week of parades fails in some collaboration with brands that have little to do with fashion.

But if anything can be pretty sure that none of the companies that fit into the first category will go over their designers parades seconds to copy the trends, patterns or designs as a percentage too high some of these parades drink from the same sources as those of low cost brands, and parades are big brands like Dior, Balenciaga or Prada.

And for example a button. The look of Hannibal Laguna is at the beginning of the post is too suspicious resemblance to Raf Simons for Dior Maribel Verdú led the night of Goya and with which to pick up the prize that was awarded tonight, giving greater visibility to a design that could go unnoticed to eyes less accustomed to parades studied all of the calendar, and have gone through several outlets that look suspiciously like Valentino several dresses, including red.
Displayed colored stripes point in Francis Montesinos with a suspicious resemblance Missoni or printing wood Nieto Moses that we saw in Rodarte and Celine in 2011.

In this issue has not reached the scandal unleashed by Ana Locking additions to its suspiciously like those of Andrés Gallardo, something we hope will never happen again, but we inevitably feel that Matrix has failed to have a deja-vu in continuous some parades.

One of the basic pillars of fashion is creativity, the need to create trends that in turn generate purchasing needs. And besides all known problems of Spanish fashion, not because they get diagnosed perfectly corrected, this is another that can not get out in most cases. Very few have a unique and distinct identity, something that should be a starting point and not a goal to reach in time.

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