Monday, February 25, 2013

The Fashion Week in Milan and his thousand women: Bottega Veneta, Pucci, Roberto Cavalli and Sander


Milan is a thousand women. It is not as uniform as New York or as sophisticated as Paris but on the same day its thousand faces may come to light and dazzle. It is impossible for Jil Sander's wife put on Cavalli Pucci or at least it is impossible to do so on the same day.

Bottega Veneta


Tomas Maier has accomplished what at first seems impossible, make sexy wool material. He himself confirmed:

I was into wool, and using it in different ways, washing it, it bonding, felting or print it to create. "

Or what is the same, the thousand ways to use and manipulate wool to create a pattern. Volumes, pleated peplum and exaggerations mimalismo several distant from, good, dress brought a woman looking for a gangster film of 40 but dressed by the best and futuristic creator.

Roberto Cavalli


"Excess is my success", with the phrase what can we expect? Nor are we surprised when it comes to Roberto Cavalli who does not care or crisis or fiscal abyss to fill their women mirras gold and leopard and all I can. A real game trimmings, from the very traditional techniques brought from Florence and the Renaissance, but with a twist, that of Gothicism and dark Tokien novels and their costumes.

Emilio Pucci


Oh what a treat. Still immersed in the world of the film Factory Girl, which I first saw the other day, contemplating this parade has been like to take me there where Edie Sedgwick would have come if he had not died at age 28. Nico, who stole the Warhol self love and worn ... but how?

That I make clothes women want to put on and men want to take off

Which phrase so wise in so few words. And it was inspired by other muses, similar but not Edie: Anita Pallenberg, Britt Ekland and Angie Bowie, the muses of the early 70s that blew men and women try to imitate them.

Boots towering, wonderful and very short skirts, go-go bangs, long and short print khol. Very Edie ultimately.

Jil Sander


This collection was inspired by Jil cutting a clean and bright diamond. Luxury, the good and the not obvious. The collection was inspired by another wonderful phrase with which he expresses optimism that when you buy diamonds, gold is only pessimists.

You Buy Gold When You Do not trust the future, "Sander said backstage. "But we're optimists. We want to believe. "

Sereno, somewhat sober, elegant, clean and pure. Sander Pure for.

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