Tuesday, February 26, 2013

The luxury is unstoppable, not growing, sweeps. Longchamp, PPR and LVMH homeless


If we think of Longchamp recently maybe the first thing that comes to mind is Coco Rocha dancing at any location. Whether an airport or snowy stairs . Now, Longchamp is more than that because as a company that is looking to generate a profit in 2012 has reached 454 million euros and if we talk about growth in the past three years, the rise stands at 75%. Awesome, go.

As for Longchamp especially surprised that follow me freely, without any big holding back, see a LVMH Moët Hennessy or PPR life. Two large luxury giants can devour everything in their power, though traditional families that are behind opposing companies like Hermès . Longchamp Cassegrain belongs to the family since Jean Cassegrain in 1948 the Melt.

That the French bill in 2012 454 million euros on your own is to take into account, this was a 16% increase in sales in 2012.

From Longchamp, in a press release, relate this growth in three legs: 1) your global expansion with 100 new stores and sales points within large warehouses in major cities worldwide, 2) its success in the Asian continent and in America, 3) with a new "brand positioning" and 4) "creative advertising". On this last point we are talking about the signing of Coco Rocha as image thus replacing a Kate Moss who cried out for renewal . Longchamp is rejuvenated and grows well.

What will happen in the coming years? If this pace continues Longchamp always eventually bought by a large international holding or remain with family? That is the question. Hopefully at least Coco Rocha dancing in each campaign follow whatever happens.

PPR also rises by 20.8%


The group PPR also presented the latest data from 2012 and has risen by 6.3% over the net profit of 2012, reaching 1,048 million euros. Its brands, Bottega Veneta rose 38.5% in sales, Yves Saint Laurent (now without Yves) Gucci 33.7% and 15.8%. A total of 9763.3 million euros in turnover, up 20.8% on 2011. Awesome.

LVMH grew by 19%

Louis Vuitton

Closing the review of the large luxury holdings, LVHM turnover of 28,100 million in 2012, 18.8% more than in 2011. Organic sales rose 9% and profit by 11.7% to 3.424 million euros. Since fashion and accessories sector sales were up 14%, leaving 9.926 million to the group, the strongest part of this. By LVMH Louis Vuitton is still its main brand and in 2012 came back to score a record growth.

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