Thursday, February 21, 2013

The new H & M collection will leave you wanting more


This week we're back with a new installment of the new H & M collection where Ginta Lapina is the protagonist. Although in the first image I can not but notice it: I have only eyes for that sweatshirt flamingos few weeks ago stole my heart. Molona is so I can not imagine my life without her. I like this type of garment, and since I have small obsession and fixation by these animals, I guess there comes this crush.

Dare to color

When I think of the Spring-Summer season always comes to mind colorful clothes, colorful prints that luxury feel with tanned skin. Although not usually dress after much fear of giving much note, I love to see how others do not dare and the result is more than positive.


What is not clear is I just had to look it full of fringed shirts. And not because no mass effect, nothing to do with it, the picture appears to be the garment should give too sweltering heat for days where temperatures grow in thermometers. What do you think?


Muted but great

Who said blue and black night could not get along? Nothing like an urban legend, it was in this new lookbook proves that is completely false. I like the combination of the two brands, and although the tones are off, are great 365 days a year.


Ladylike dresses in black are always good to have them. They are a piece of wardrobe that you can save any occasion, right?


What do you think the result of this new release?

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