Thursday, February 7, 2013

The problem of hiring as Miranda Kerr picture is that I am unable to appreciate the new Mango collection


You know how much I like Bloom-Kerr family: perfection there and sometimes I get so angry that I have to look away to see one of its members by the computer. And I personally do not think they are on this planet with their perfect faces, their perfect bodies and that perfect baby. But that anger is not bad, it's just bad envy of not seeing any defects. And it grows on me every time I see new pictures of the Spring-Summer 2013 campaign for Mango, where ELLA (Details of the case is vitally important) is the protagonist. Who can fix on garments having it there before? Concentration guys, you can see the collection.


The tops as a bandana-90s return with force (agr!) But are only suitable for sculpted like yours. I doubt that this trend gets out beyond the four fashion blogs who want to go to the last and make a picture for a particular post. No more. And I am not going to the supermarket to buy tomatoes and lettuce with one of those outfits. No matter how great you see in the image.


But do you know that I liked? The monkey pants in XXL perfect for all occasions. Got an event? You take it. Any party tonight? I served. A different wedding? Already have outfit. And so with dozens of situations.


A few days ago my mate Chloe told us about the latest trend as far as bags are concerned: in nuclear white . And how could it be otherwise, the Spanish firm launches its own version as a shopping bag and straight lines. What do you think?


And the winner is ...

We know full well that the star trend this Spring-Summer 2013 will be the stripes. Well, that and suna mere assumption because at that time we will be more than abhorred them . But Mango has a duty to introduce thousand different clothes for us to choose well.


Shaped sweater, blazer, dress, shirt or pants. You choose how you want to look and signature does the rest.



And if you like but you see that everything is more of the same, perhaps this minidress playing with the thickness of the lines is your style and your taste. What do you think?


With effort and dedication we will be able to appreciate the clothes and put aside to Miss Kerr. An impossible task??

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