Sunday, February 10, 2013

The same neckline, two very different results. Zosia Mamet vs. Kendall Jenner

Zosia Mamet

The other day my mate Di By Dior threw down the gauntlet in Twitter with this neckline Zosia Mamet. Praising him, of course. Besides being a bit forofa (or without the little) of the series' Girls 'is also Zosia, whom I do consider it girl one of those that can make it more likely that cute girls who get bored and I also I am delighted with each new appearance in public hers. We each have a concept of what is sexy. And for me it is Zosia Mamet. And much, go. Now is when you will say that if it's ugly, if not dress well ... Nah, lies.

Zosia Mamet chose this look to attend the program 'Late Nigth With Jimmy Fallon'. An election compromised because a priori may not be the most favored. The corset shaped design to waist height for most of these dresses with open necklines chest can make this not be the most favored.

Models in life there are a few, you get up on the catwalk and luckily have a exquisite demeanor. Zosia Mamet does not seek any model, find a real fashion that mole. Whether we are discussing on this detail, which is looking for a woman under these features and not all the time and then manually Barbies still is criticized as someone dares actress in a red dress that feels great.

Carven Zosia

Carven dress is that you can get it for 244.75 euros .

You can see the interview with Jimmy Fallon to Zosia Mamet in this video.

Kendall Jenner

I prefer a thousand times before Zosia Mamet's look, how it looks, how well it looks, rather than Kendall Jenner. Another one in the Kardashian saga, bit cheesy and stylish, even to go to that. Precisely because it is so just turning your looks into what many repent appetizing in a simple cupcake cupcake for trash.

Kendall Jenner red

Question of profiles, style and personal taste. Now, give me a thousand Zosia Mamet better than 1 Kendall Jenner.

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