Tuesday, February 19, 2013

They have it clear: masculine pantsuit for more feminine outfits


If you want to get ideas (risky) for your everyday just need you center all your attention to the street style of the Fashion Weeks. There the it girls of the moment but we have proposed the most funky bold. Although there are always some that irrigation leaves it in the hotel room. And today's proposal as you want and you can take is that depending on how you combine the pantsuit, or the color of it, you can go one way or another.

Although he has been seeing the electric blue of Miroslava Duma and completely fall in love. It is a bold step but you feel great and that ultimately helps you succeed. Although for bold and striking red and fuchsia pink Leandra Medine. Boasting of his marked style sneakers stood to walk the streets of London, what do you think the end result?


Simpler and Elena appeared Perminova summer. The Russian and inseparable friend of the Duma decided to wear the black and white trend in styling that well so you should refer ourselves. The touch of color contributed their accessories as well as footwear.


And if what you want is the typical pattern pinstriped, Kate Lanphear shows that complements the outfit according to the end of what can be more feminine.


Would you join me in this fashion pantsuit?

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