Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Thinking of Spring? These looks remind us of what is to come


What I have wanted to come and the heat! And is that going dressed (sometimes) like an onion with layers and layers and they all fit me tired. I want to live in a constant summer with variations in temperature, but. That's why when I see a look that reminds me of what is to come I take it as a salvation, a point already part to continue with the cold days across my desk. If you feel the same and have the same feeling, perhaps these outfits help you think in a few months. Guard them as gold cloth and inspire you later.

Strapless tops combined with colorful pants and sandals. This is how I want to go! Or rather long sleeve shirt and bare legs. I like the contrast of these two items, do not you think?


For those who like the fashion of short shirts but do not know how to show it off here I leave you with a look of the most inspiring: gauzy skirt and biker jacket. My feet? Serve platform sandals for a set of 10. What do you think?


Thinking of warm weather to come?

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