Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Third day of MBFWM: Ion Fiz, Sara Coleman, Davidelfin, Amaya Arzuaga and Juanjo Oliva

Ion Fiz Ion Fiz

The third day of the Mercedes Benz Fashion Week Madrid has been very entertaining with quality collections and that really worth seeing and enjoying. From IFEMA we bring you a summary the best that has given us the day:

Ion Fiz

ion fiz2

The Basque designer presented an elegant woman, with fabrics like wool as a base, and colors like gray, camel and getting raw colors looks very feminine and classic. One of the items that I liked the parade of Ion Fiz monkeys have been carved with strapless neckline. Also the beautiful evening dresses and wedding dress that closed the show.

Sara Coleman

sara coleman

Sharing time with Ion Fiz parade but with very little in common, Sara Coleman has presented a very urban collection and quite sporty. Lots of color and patterns in clothing construction very simple.



As always, the front row of Davildelfín has been busier than: Nuria Roca, Flores Sea, Alaska and Mario, Topaz, Bibiana Fernandez, Pelayo, Ana Polvorosa, Pepón Nieto, Javier Cámara, Blanca Suárez, Miguel Angel Silvestre or Alex Gonzalez were some of the celebrities who have enjoyed the parade. And they were lucky not to be missed, because the collection has been brilliant. In nuclear white, with white jackets, skirts, dresses, socks, shoes and handbags. Also as usual in Davildefín parades, the shoes were stamped Louboutin and handbags have gone through the creativity of the blogger Pelayo.


The only touch of color have been red roses embroidered wool tops and some ace of hearts of some sweatshirts. Building set-usual deconstruction was awarded to designer jackets and double skirt into the waistband of his trousers masculine cut, was left to fall ahead.

Juanjo Oliva

Juanjo Oliva

Another large MBFWM not disappointed. The parade began with short dresses with long flight, in all kinds of jewel tones, to make way for the long dresses. Some of them fell shapeless, with a straight cut, while others girded the body and enhanced the femininity with ruffles and light layers in the back. The dark tones that started with the parade of Juanjo Oliva Oriental patterns have changed and pastels.

juanjo oliva2

Aim shoes were heeled slipper type midi. Finally we got off the scaffolding!

AA Amaya Arzauaga

Amaya Arzuaga

Burgos The designer presented a collection with strength and personality, based on the geometry and the colors of the work of Ellsworth Kelly. Have dominated the red and black, with oversize volumes contained, with wool and leather as main materials. Simple two-tone dresses have been the major garment parade, mixing black, Marl Grey, green pool, camel or red. Also the structure of the armadillo has covered some of the garments. Amaya Arzuaga also presented some very Spanish garments like long coat and boleros.

amaya arzuaga2

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