Monday, February 11, 2013

This Spring 2013 are nobody without a crab on your feet

can_01 Spring-Summer 2013 Campaign Uterqüe

The crab is a shoe that since I can remember I have present in my mind. And that's not looking to use them or are in my closet. Nothing to do. While I recognize that small I loved going to the beach and splashing in the water with a couple of these plastic (who did not have some?) For fear something jab. Today the typical touristy related to, indeed, I think of them and see the dreaded white sock in my mind. But this year promises to be the strongest trend as far as footwear is concerned, so we look at them with new eyes. Of course, the forms (and materials) change ...

For day to day

And it is already known that in this fashion everything is unpredictable. The more remote and strange things can become the must of the time, and that same year hapasado with these shoes. The materials are varied: from skin through studs, plastic chains and other tissues. The colors that one wants because there is so much to choose from you'll be in for a long time to decide with which you stay.


For those who can not get rid of heels

But one thing is clear, many do not want to separate from the heels. firms are aware of this and have heeled models of all types: higher than other, more thick or thin, etc.. What version are you staying?


And you'll fall into the temptation of the crab?

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