Monday, February 25, 2013

This Spring practiced with Cath Kidston Glamping


In spring the temperature rises, the mood improves and exaltation of nature affects (almost) all. So we invade a feeling of wanting to do many things outdoors and camping including. For urbanites who do not want to leave the house style, or the field of fashion lovers should consider the new proposals of the firm Cath Kidston: The glamping is what you get now.

Tent, umbrella, backpack with plates, cutlery and glasses, tuppears, sleeping bag, thermos ... not lack anything in this collection! And the best part is that all these gadgets come with that touch so cool and vintage of the firm that like both. The store is a cute and not lack anything: no windows, flowers and pots.


Would you join me for a night on the field full of glamor?

Official Site | Cath Kidston
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