Tuesday, February 5, 2013

This summer will point you in fashion? Dressed as convicts


We sold the black and white stripes would star trend Spring-Summer 2013, but seeing success with this step and we'll be tired of them in a few months. And they all want to be the first to show off their clothes with this pattern as flashy. It reminds me of Beetlejuice costumes, a football referee, to dependents of Foot Locker and inmates. Yes, sorry but true. Although depending on how I might like it.

I recognize that skinny jeans can lay great if you know how to combine: gauzy shirt with a white and black sandals can succeed. The key is to give all the attention to the striped garment ...


In dress form

However, there are other girls who prefer full dress trend as a pledge. How could it be otherwise, the protagonist of Atlantic Pacific chose a model ladylike, structured and type tulip skirt as she likes.


And Andy Torres did with a simple long sleeve dress from the new collection of Mango to attend his show held last week as part of the 080 Barcelona.


Do not you want soup? Then take Zara

We already know what to show trends in product variety and Zara is the pioneer and king. In their collections not missing a single trend and how could it be otherwise, the stripes of the fully exploited. Mini skirts, blazers, shirts, tops, dresses, bags and bodies with paillettes applications. What you're going to love this time?


And you and lights this fashion?

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