Thursday, February 28, 2013

To infinity of the celebrities at the Oscars and beyond

Jennifer Lawrence at the Oscars

There is no doubt that the new summary Poprosa In Jared has to be marked by the celebrities at the Oscars 2013. And is that red carpets, awards, tweets, parties ... have given much of himself and we can only give our particular point of view on everything that we left the ceremony, although they are not all the news we've had in more pink and gossip blog, we have had many more of the famous, not to be missed!

Oscars Oscars Oscars and more

oscars 2013

So much news, we go crazy!

oscars 2013

One tuitteo ...

twitter goyas 2013

And given a little first-hand news on Twitter ...

Magazines come and go

V magazine

Let's look at coated paper.

And some more news ...

selena and vanessa

A mix of news.

And so far this review of the best of Poprosa, the next day and, if possible, better.

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