Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Under these coats are the famous, a street style to keep warm

Ashley Olsen

I flipa how the famous camouflage themselves to go outside, whatever the task daily. Many seem to become another person you usually see in other soirees. Camouflaged and winter with a thousand layers to avoid cold and can become the Tusken Raiders from Star Wars about how they covered. A street style that leaves us with two types of sets: those who copy and forget.

Ideas to copy

Jessica Chastain

One of these days Jessica Chastain fail in one of its street looks and not what we believe. Meanwhile, enjoy the redhead fashion on the big screen and great taste. A long coat beyond half leg, near the ankle, double breasted dark but in a set with two perfect detail: green bag Dolce & Gabanna and bicolor patent leather boots that seem taken ska fashion.

Katie Holmes

You can go casual and not go so left, Katie Holmes is one such example. Fashion military parka with a wide, matching knit scarf, supplementing the daily touch outside the red carpet, with matching faded jeans. Simple and correct.

Better forget

Ashley Olsen

Excess and the search leads to anonymity sets may cross thread. Ashley Olsen is one of them. His fashion sense leaves large looks in clothes and then we see her underneath the background, on the horizon surrounded by air.

A lack of a bag from The Row (his own firm) better bring a backpack to play and pass a dog in hand, the new accessory it.

Jessica Parker

Much style at parties but on a day to day by Sarah Jessica Parker had her lovers kidnap Eskimos sunglasses fly because there is no way to defend their sets. Comfort, yes, but I'm also comfortable with other ideas and not lose the taste.

Drew Barrymore

The cap for the day I wash my hair. Well hear. Then wrap robe as if at home. Well also hear. Drew Barrymore he wants to be re-listen to grunge and Nirvana but instead pushes a cart. Can not all simultaneously.

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