Friday, February 1, 2013

Uterqüe Spring-Summer season 2013: maduritas also have the right to dress with class


If anything he has done very well Mr. Amancio Ortega (a part of creating an empire of the ancient Romans itself) is very well defined target each of their signatures. While girls enjoy Zara TRF , Bershka, Stradivarius and Pull & Bear, the thirties do with Zara and Massimo Dutti. But how and with whom are older? Yes, my mother buys at Zara and divinely fits all, but there are women who want classic authentic funds bet on good quality wardrobe without going over price. This is where comes in. Uterqüe.

And today, the most expensive signing of the Group presents its new Spring-Summer 2013 campaign where the earth tones are the real protagonists and totals.


I see the sets and I love them! Although I am aware that these garments do not go with my personality today. But I have one thing clear: if tomorrow things are going fairly well economically not hesitate to go into this store and stay with all their proposals.


One of the items I like (always) are the elephant leg trousers. Yes, I have a couple and I refuse to throw them even though I have them for years and I have given a lot of output. So when I see that firms are betting on them I can only cheer.


The total look blank intensify this summer making supplements like bag and shoes in the same hue.


Cotton shirts and sweaters are more proposals submitted by the firm.


Accessories, protagonists

But what really is this firm specializes in accessories, it was created with the intention of just designing handbags, shoes and other jewelry. So no wonder then find handbags as great as this clutch XXL than I and I'm in love at first sight.


And to my wishlist come direct these fine golden slaves, ideal for showing them off 365 days a year.


Although if you prefer, you can decant this gold watch with masculine air. What do you think?


Think on your feet

As I have said before, the predominant tones are very clear and basic, from off-white, beige and passing the finishing on a brown ground. Thus, no wonder then that the shoes are the same shades to go according to the final outfit.



In search of the perfect hat

For the past few seasons back, using hats, brimmed hats and visors and not just women who want to give the note. It is a symbol of style and glamor. And this accessory adds a touch great, but we must be very sure of ourselves to take, but it is a mistake. What version are you staying?



Glasses that suit you

I'm an absolute fan of sunglasses. The bigger the better. And I have never enough: always want more, more, more. So sometimes (or always) I can hear no models of large firms because its high price makes them objects of desire. It's where these brands come into play: neither too cheap to damage your eyes or damaging your expensive savings.



What do you think of this Spring-Summer collection?

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