Monday, February 25, 2013

Vanity Fair Oscars Party (II): dressed to kill, dressed to die

Lilly Collins

We continue our tour of the Vanity Fair Oscars Party commenting actresses looks to be opened before the open bar. And the party of Vanity Fair has a Red Carpet often cooler than the Academy Awards, more carefree and with amazing looks ... and other very objectionable!

We commenting dresses and giving prizes like crazy.

Approved and note

Kate Beckinsale

Although we all hate a little Kate Beckinsale because we passed to go to bed with Ben and Josh Harnett Afleck in Pearl Harbour, we will not get carried away by emotions and we'll put it in the position it deserves: Kate takes Monique Lhuillier one vestidazo topped with silver tulle that feels spectacular, we give the prize "The Princess Diaries".

Allison Williams

Another also decided to wear a Valentino was actress Allison Williams Girls, gives the feeling that Allison does not know what he's doing at that party and wants to go unnoticed, I like the silhouette of his Valentino, bone color and I think is simple and very elegant (although the purse from her grandmother could have left it at home). For her the prize "Less is more".

Hilary Swank

And the award "This roll is what should have been Anne Hathaway" goes to ... Hilary Swank! Because wore to the Vanity Fair party one vestidazo worth double Oscar winner Valentino.

Lilly Collins

I have not clear who is Lilly Collins, where it came from or what he does for a living ... but I do not care! I am amazed with her ​​Zuhair Murad: the color, the back, the rhinestones, is absolutely wonderful and so I dedicate the award "This girl suggests ways".

Your stylist hates you?

Olivia Munn

Olivia Munn, do not get your dress, are you a butterfly? Are you a fairy? Are you a celebrity unbearable and your stylist hates you a little? I need answers! Just chose this Atelier Versace Couture because he's really into PETA and is protecting the Brazilian blue butterfly is endangered, who knows.

I am also very concerned about the fashion of teaching angiejolinismo leg and is the delicate issue of whether or not to take underwear. I do not know, Olivia, I'll give the award for "Best in Carnival Costumes".


With Zoe Saldana have had serious doubts about where to put it, and I mean it was not clear whether he deserved pass or fail, because I love her hair and her red lips but his Givenchy handwheel that scares me a little, like cutting down the dress. I'll give the prize "Take that! I can reuse this dress on Halloween! "

Elizabeth Banks

Elizabeth Banks directly horriza, I was surprised to discover that her dress is Alexander McQueen and not "Paqui Party Dresses". And in these cases is not clear whether I have the dress which fails or if the hanger, and that is fatal, Elizabeth. I love the shape and cut of the dress, the color which does not help. Award "And for this, I left the pasta?" For her.


One of the most coveted designers such events and in charge of dressing is a lot of actresses Valentino, I wonder if something happen with his muse Anne Hathaway for not dress this time. I would like to give an honorary award called "Me too wonder Sebastian the crab design as spectacular dresses." Valentino, left rays UVA please.

My question is, where he got the fabulous Jessica Chastain? Did he go home to mourn?

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