Saturday, February 23, 2013

Vice style: Jezebel weekly agenda 70


It's almost summer about. What appetizing first, change clothes, take the sheer dresses and sunglasses! Meanwhile, more light and more time wanting to do things. Non ti will worry do you crave some ideas of how to live this weekend in style?

Not only do we care for others, start also for ourselves. How about choosing the first perfume of our kids ?, Dolce Gabbana. Its composition comprises citrus notes, combined with some honey and melon. And no, do not panic, is alcohol free to avoid skin irritation. The perfect gift for new moms.


Do not stop taking care of ourselves. Invite friends to a feast of beauty at home to test trends in nail colors presented in the MDFW .


Now the family pampering with an exquisite straight, a lamp sweet chocolate , do not miss it because it is hyper original. It is designed by Alexander Lervik. At the start, is a truncated pyramid of chocolate over a bowl. Not a ray of light emerges from it, but as the bulb begins to melt, the light begins to appear.


Does it seem too caloric and impractical? Here are five recipes to eat nutritious Tupper.


Finally agasajemos our man with man pra Zara trends next summer.

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