Friday, February 15, 2013

We continue with the yellow fever pandemic. Are you one of those affected?


If I have to choose a color I prefer the yellow. but when it comes to dress cost me: is so striking that I use it in small doses and in summer (playing with the contrast of my dark skin). But it seems that every day is gaining more ground and is presented in large doses and in all kinds of garments. I think it's great to be a trend for spring 2013, just as we said SueMissIndie this week , but there are some that have not been able to resist and have already taken to the streets with him ... It seems that yellow fever strikes again, do you affect your everyday life?

No matter how you use it: coats, trouser suit or shirt steamy. It seems that bloggers are not afraid of anything or anyone (that we have seen on more than one occasion) and go out to look as this trend to the upside.


Accept this color look today as is demonstrated by this blogger Gary Pepper Look: leather pants and blouse as vaporous. I like the result because it gives a twist to 100% winter styling. What do you think of his choice?


Although there are some who follow the fashion of last year and are determined to wear yellow clothes on ... Neon. Yes, it seems that fluoride will continue to war, and in small doses I accept. Do you?


Do not worry if you're one of those affected by this epidemic, seems not to be dangerous.

Photos | Tuula , Gary Pepper , Song of Style
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