Thursday, February 28, 2013

What are the trends of 2012 are wanting to forget when you arrive (finally) the heat?, The question of the week

asd Oh please, you get the warmth already. I ask 20 degrees, something wearable, endurable, with a little light on the face and under the North Pole own outfits. Summer can not wait! In that sense turns the question of the week.

What trend are you looking forward to 2013 Winter forget when the heat?

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Question of the week

Fashion Patricia is very clear

What do you think that the international fashion dress Spanish actresses in Goya?

I think it is wrong, is the festival of Spanish cinema, and is a perfect gateway to make known our fashion, the rest of the world. And to say that in Spain we do not have good designers, it seems silly, and more when the out most in this show was Paula Echevarria, wearing a stunning dress. By this, I mean not being required to take, but if they fill their mouths saying q are so concerned about our country, and having at hand boost the fashion industry, it is absurd not to do so, but good , then do not complain, saying they prefer to go to the cinema to watch foreign films and did not receive enough support when they are the first to turn away from other sectors. Ah! and this goes for the actors to actresses.

Florit Xavier gives us another vision:

Viewing Spanish fashion scene, partly no wonder the actresses look international designer dresses. In my opinion, there is a fairly large area of ​​Spanish fashion is rather stagnant. We are tired of Agatha Ruiz de la Prada makes things totally inponibles maximum theatricality, Victorio & Lucchino, Miguel Palacio, Francis Montesinos ... are designers that I think are totally stuck i with little future. Whosoever can argue that they are great Spanish fashion and are veterans, bla bla bla. That does not mean you do not have to renew your image to modernize and adapt to changing times.
The novel and modern designers such as Etxeberria, Maria Escoté or others who do not parade in Madrid as Krizia Robustella are the future. Others like John Vidal, will march directly to Russia, where there really is money and desire to consume. The thing about these designers is making a not so gala clothes, but most of cocktel.Por street or elsewhere, wear Dior or Oscar de la Renta, unfortunately, takes your name to keep Juan Vidal few know who he is.
Although I truly prefer to keep Ana Locking (which has beautiful dresses) and an Oscar de la Renta or Adrew years Gn carrying me up and go as a picture

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