Thursday, February 14, 2013

What do you need to promote your new store in style? The most popular famous as TopShop

Kate Bosworth TopShop

No parades or campaigns to promote good brands choose a good party. A good party with some of today's hottest famous and common in this type of fashion events. Kate Bosworth in front, back infallible, and Kim Kardashian at her side, again going back to a soiree awful. TopShop not cut to announce with fanfare its store opening in Los Angeles.

Bosworth TopShop

A dress that hung on a hanger see me seem horrible to see championed by Kate Bosworth and see how it becomes a curious look to party. Of course she will sit well any design.

Kardashian TopShop

Then there is the opposite example: Kim Kardashian. I have no words to define such a set, let alone those fringes, these leather leggings ... all of it generally goes.

Roberts TopShop

Before I keep quiet (or sosez) Emma Roberts seems never hurt a fly with this set mixing prints, retro cool me.

Cosgrove TopShop

A party like this demanded a look like Miranda Cosgrove. Casual but festive, with a short skirt and quilted in black leather. Very young and so well.

Osbourne TopShop

Even a combination like Kelly Osbourne with sequined pants full of glitter and a blazer with nothing underneath that lingerie. Very sexy.

Hilton TopShop

But nothing of opting for fur details such as Paris Hilton. Nothing.

Ross TopShop

Nor should we go and pick a mini model like the model Liberty Ross in a metallic green.

Trachtenberg TopShop

I stay with Michelle Trachtenberg printed, but could do with a little cheer and convey something more than life that we always look dull and goodbye.

TopShop Scherzinger

A celebration of TopShop is the proper context for Nicole Scherzinger appears and does not draw negative attention. Herself.

Lowndes TopShop

There are others like Jessica Lowndes passed braking and recharge both and bad skate.

McGowan TopShop

Or seem to leave an after hours of delay, and Rose McGowan.

Hearst TopShop

Ibiza or a beach, as the model Lydia Hearst.

Hough TopShop

Surprise at finding a long to beyond lengthy knee dress for an event like this. Julianne Hough could have chosen better.

Winstead TopShop

And Mary Elizabeth Winstead, even better than the last look, is also outside the context of an event called the short and youthful touch.

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