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What do you think that the international fashion dress Spanish actresses in Goya?, The question of the week

Maribel Verdú

In 2013 Goya returned to see how the red carpet is covered with top international designers face few national names. The Spanish actresses still prefer to look for big names like Dior, Oscar de la Renta and Armani before Rabaneda do, Alvarno or Duyos, to name but three. A subject I spoke with Spanish designers themselves who were dissatisfied by this . This time the question of the week is for you:

What do you think that the international fashion dress Spanish actresses in Goya?

Remember that responses on this matter are made ​​in Trendencias Answers not in the comments of this post. Hope your opinions!

Question of the week

Former Cibeles in your opinion:

What do you think are the great evils of the Madrid Fashion Week?

Ana Gil Auger is expanding on the theme:

You could have been less delicate and ask directly that this well in MBFWM . Well, starting with the purpose of this "show", focused postureo of people who have to do on many occasions with the parade, but sitting in the front row for being "such a girlfriend." FIRST ERROR Who should be on that site are a buyer, or a television journalist, magazine or magazines. A gallery owner or a blogger considered.

Second mistake: as far as I know, no time and no place to meet all buyers attending the fair ( EACH TIME LESS Because curiously or IFEMA Or makes them believe? ¿¿? WTF?) Should be considered for this space IFEMA As a festival of this kind must have transactions, which involves: profits instantly. Therefore we discard the Madrid Fashion Week as a commercial platform.

Third error: SPAIN IS NOT DIFERENT I think that we are not considered, because we do not start to consider this event. People will look to prey on palm and ask and ask (and if we can get drunk, the better). This is because no professional come much smoke to fill the pot as I describe it, WHY WHAT ALWAYS THERE SPACES IN LOS PASSES DE FASHION ? People always ends up going for tails, (I think IFEMA done, to record television this queue (Quinceanera) and be like wow! what of people waiting to get ... LOL And JA.

Fourth error: There is very little ownership of Spanish fashion, with little involvement of associations of Spanish textile designers and makes no Spanish and we exploit the value we give no importance. Surface happend to the rest of the Spanish population and clearly, people prefer to Elisa Palomino Dior (and if you know the work of Elisa Palomino ...).

Ultimately lack the organization, professionalism, transparency, missing associations, missing media covering this event, lack a bit of everything and I think you can improve. If not, I would not be surprised if the Spanish brands opt for their own off or return to the mythical post parade for buyers and the press in a more modest. ALL SEA BY LA FASHION , THE CASE IS INTENT and as you said fandefortuny LA ILLUSION .

In the target. This year we will not repeat what was said in 2012 but remain well: Goya Awards ignore emerging Spanish fashion

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