Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Who stars in the March cover of Interview Russia? Guess, guess


Another game, the kind where I get desvelaros tontona and do not want the solution to make you think a little. The protagonist is blonde, is a Vidal i shere and according to recent reviews I've read, the worse actress than it looks, making her 40 the same roles as their 20 (what hobby to criticize ...). Now Look at the cover of Interview.

Is the March edition in Russian and I'm damned if I recognize his protagonist. Bella is raging. So much so that I thought was Deborah Harry in his youth, was a diva who take up arms and much kohl eye and dissolute life. Hence the naked, hence the corset, hence the hair ...

But noooo, she is Cameron Diaz. Darn me, me and me empapelen the den with cheese.

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