Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Why?! All I want is to mourn (of happiness) to the new collection of Zara


I'm sure psychologists soon invent a new disease: zaritis. And the most famous fashion store? Low-cost? we lose a lot of the head every time new collection launches. And if that happened very occasionally we can accept, but if biweekly updates the store one eventually becomes mad. And the same happened to me with anything new: it is true that not everything makes me frantic, but a couple or three things that would stick shoved in the shop if only had a copy ...

According to the trend

The yellow fever is a reality, but always within the scope talking fashion. And no wonder Zara: bearer of this 'disease', presents all of different garments in this tone so summery. What you get?


Those who still have not tired of the black and white couple and feel love how this duo stripes of color, yet we continue to see new items as they arrive. Suits, jackets and skirts, what will go into your closet?


Although if you prefer you can always opt for fashion pajamas. I acknowledge that use this style shirts since I love the contrast with destroyed denim shorts over the years, but the pants still have not been able to show off.


What pledge need?

Although summer is synonymous with heat, provided there are nights when the temperature cools and we want to wear a jersey cotton finite but groovy. A topos, in shades of fuchsia or ethnic touches, for which of these trends you will decant?


If we talk about new collection at Zara must make a stop on the way to the jackets. And is not that the Spanish company to launch this type of clothing and makes once you enter their stores have a variety. No matter if it's Fall, Winter, Spring or Summer, jackets always well stocked store.


Lover? Shorts? Well, now you have to choose according to trend, colors, styles and moments.


Same with skirts: the pleated overlay presented in printed version or smooth, has reminded me that introduced this Proenza Schouler Fall-Winter 2012/2013 . Sox and minis, you choose the style of skirt suits you for your day.


Dresses are one of my favorite clothes for warm weather. And its convenience of not having to think about anything else except footwear and accessories make (almost) always one I chose. There is so much variety that you will be hard to stay with one.


Denim Shirts, vaporous, checkered, cross ... There are so many types of blouse that but gush when entering store.


And this is where my madness is triggered so outrageous: I've fallen completely in neon yellow clutch. I want it, I need it, is vital to my summer days. So I hope that our dear Mr. Ortega did not spend much with the price, as I intend to save and I'll buy it or yes ...


What do you think of this new release?

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