Thursday, February 14, 2013

Will he return to black Penelope Cruz expecting a baby now? We review his looks pregnant


Cruz seems that the family could not be happier: the baby-boom effect has touched the Pt and Mo hermanísimas. And while the latter is a first-look at the field tummy, did Penelope teach us to hide our flaws? We review for their looks more mythical in its last stage of pregnancy back in 2010 and you know what? The color black is your best ally and layers of clothes, what onion, his companions.

There is an article that repeats endlessly: black leather boots with chunky heel and instep buckles decorating.


Leggins, cotton shirts, trench, blazer, jeans ... All items are accepted but must be dark. No trace of bright colors and warm. Penelope seems that what used black color hides and style. Yes, that looks like the belly with tight clothing in that area of ​​the body.


For dining out leaves the pants at home and dons but layered dresses. The truth is that I like the result, and although he is in a state, the garment looks as anybody.


Even in his last days added some color to your shirt emblazoned ... Although tones followed the course also be turned off.


Obviously this time it will look pregnant in the summer progressed, so diaphanous garments and layers will decrease. But even so, the black reign in your closet?

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