Thursday, February 14, 2013

Zara lookbook February 2013: ready for a Spring full of trends


Every time I get ready to save the list of restrictions begin at the same point: stop go (as far as possible) in Zara stores. and its extensive collections filled with all the trends of the moment I walk always makes biting finish. And later this month that it shows (and my closet too). That's why I get so eneferma whenever the Spanish firm launches new lookbook.

There's always something I want and this time the white asymmetrical skirt caught my attention reminds me of a worn Christine Centenera stamped and signed by Balenciaga , and I love her look.


Will teach? Navel?

There's something not quite like this season: firms that strive to teach the navel and in the 90s. And I refuse because I have no age, body, or desire. Although the stylists curren it looks favorable and we present (in the body of the model).


Yes, I like corset style tops and especially in pantsuit. But I am not going to the office with styling as risky as this, or a dinner with friends. Very nice for pictures, almost impossible to go outside.


And while the tops are oversized, or are so short that you enfundas an undershirt and remove part of the charm, or teach right and left meat.


Although you can also combine these items with typical denim shorts shot very high. What do you think?


Add color to your style

And come spring wardrobe asks us, more than ever, colorful, cheerful and wacky prints. So Zara knows and adds these features in many of her clothes.


Although to give full prominence to the garment in question, it is best to combine it with plain clothes and basic and neutral colors. White is a good choice.


And a color that we see (much) is yellow / orange. A mixture of both colors that give a great result and great. I love it!


Are you going to be left with something?

But often we do not want to buy something that is trend simply enters our eyes and what we want in our closet. And the same happened to me this jacket bicolor: I love it.


We know that the stripes will flood stores, closets and streets, and the firm uses the pull to launch new proposals. This time a linen jacket with pants combining prints of the same hue.


It is very common to find total look white, and although I like, the most delicate encounter. This year, and to break the monotony, the Spanish firm presents a look with a patterned area in bright colors.


The animal print still like this year and combines with current trends: black and white.


Dickies will continue to occur, this time in the form of long black shorts (and thin) straps. What do you think the end result?


Any garment that will never disappear from our lives? The gauzy blouses, so there is never enough.


The black and white what can be achieved in many ways, and one of them is playing with outerwear.


A garment that we should always keep in a closet because we will save in many situations is the blazer. Type tuxedo, satin or gold accents. Choose the one you like and start to combine it with ... everything!


Is what most caught my attention in this collection? Cowboys tri color: various colors other than denim. Ideal!


What do you think of this new lookbook?

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