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Elie Saab Fall-Winter 2013/2014: I surrender at your feet .. and thy garments

Elie Saab Fall-Winter 2013/2014

A parade just dazzles more Elie Saab. Her feminine and sophisticated creations for next Autumn-Winter 2013/2014 are the envy of the fashion week in Paris. Undoubtedly the best show of all, in style, in know-how and of course know how to create.

Low-cost Trends Spring-Summer 2013: polka mix

lunar asos

The polka dot print is a classic. Great designers reinterpret them season after season. In the spring-summer collections 2013 both Armani and Chanel introduce them into their designs. A versatile pattern that serves both looks night and day.

Yves Saint Laurent, a mythic legacy that will never be forgotten

Yves Saint Laurent

Heidi Slimane has achieved a unique collection of Saint Laurent make a firm less. Yves Saint Laurent, one of the biggest names in the history of fashion and basic, known even to the most novice of this sector. A collection that has nothing to do with the version that once the great designer Algerian outlined in his many designs for so many years, and was at the head of Christian Dior or his own signature as proof this selection of great designs.

Kenzo Forget Tiger, now what is takes to be an Iron Girl


After the boom of Kenzo sweatshirts, those who saw the clones to below the stones and some gossips said that the brand gave to bloggers, now comes a new revolution, are the Iron Girl sweatshirts and also have to a feline protagonist.

Gifts for parents more gentleman, that have nothing to envy to Sean Connery

Sean Connery

If your father is a real gentlemen, in the style of Sean Connery, sure you're the envy of all your friends (the same until there is a platonic love affair if you plant the longest James Bond) and it is a delight to spend time with him like daughter. Your father deserves the best on Father's Day.

Feel like as one of the trends this fall?


During the last Fashion Week in New York, two heavyweights of American fashion like Alexander Wang and Altuzarra bet on gloves hair accessories for the autumn-winter 2013. If your love for the yeti is not in the hair coats and hats, as you'll see in some stores (and sales) furry gloves.


These mittens are black Monki and cost 15 euros . Or is this option Asos gray with leather grip . In the Marketplace of British shop selling these at Marks & Spencer 100% yeti and whether you prefer long, is this another option for just over 5 euros .

In Jared | Trends Spring-Summer 2013: the cobalt klein, there is a blue for you
In Jared | Trends Spring-Summer 2013: the navel air

Jayne Min: an unusual blogger


Jayne Min is not like most style bloggers. Not hang your closet minidresses and not find his shoe heels. Theirs are more casual looks and enjoy the skating and surfing in the California sun and well us know in your blog, Stop it right now

Chanel Fall-Winter 2013/2014: amid rumors of replacement, Karl does not reach enough


Yesterday came the Autumn-Winter 2013/2014 Chanel and could well be the last of Karl Lagerfeld. Well, if the rumors were true, the maison plans to make a change and to sign Nicolas Ghesquière. And I really do not mind, because it already tired of this collection. I do not know if I have a bad day and I see everything clear, but I'm tired of tweed and more tweed, boots and leggings as a one-touch trash that has nothing to do with the old lady.

And a little more SuiteBlanco Spring-Summer season 2013: summer white

SuiteBlanco Spring-Summer season 2013

And again we have more images of the campaign SuiteBlanco Spring-Summer 2013, and as its own brand says, this summer to the low cost firm is white, as this color dominates in new and romantic proposals.

Homage to the white shirt by Carolina Herrera

White shirt Carolina Herrera

The white shirt is a basic universal in the world of fashion. Few garments are as versatile. We all have one in our closet. It's a very simple garment that alone says little but it is so easy to wear and so feminine, that their looks are referents style. And nobody knows like Carolina Herrera both of this garment.

Spring Trends 2013, ethnic skirts

Tendencias primavera 2013 faldas étnicas One of the trends this spring is stronger than that of the ethnic skirt (and all ethnic in general). The ethnic skirt has become the spring must not be missing in our closet Can you resist?

I certainly do not! So I made ​​a compilation of ethnic skirt models you will find if you take a tour of our favorite low cost stores. Yes, the price difference can vary greatly depending on the embroidery / rhinestones ethnic skirt in question. So, everything will depend, as always, to our budget.

Become as one of the trends this spring (even if they wear it with socks), buy one of these ethnic skirts!

Spring Trends 2013, ethnic skirts

Tendencias primavera 2013 faldas étnicas Zara TRF Skirts ethnic 25.95 and 39.95 of rhinestones.

Tendencias primavera 2013 faldas étnicas Ethnic Skirts Zara; 29.95 all but the third, which costs 69.95 rhinestone

Tendencias primavera 2013 faldas étnicas White ethnic skirts, 29.99 22.99 and 32.99

Tendencias primavera 2013 faldas étnicas Ethnic Skirts Pull and Bear, the first two 19.99, 12.99 and 9.99

Tendencias primavera 2013 faldas étnicas Bershka Skirts ethnic, 15.99, 59.99 and 22.99

Tendencias primavera 2013 faldas étnicas Stradivarius Skirts ethnic 12.95 and 25.99 and 29.99 Mango

Do not miss the latest trends in fashion this spring!

What ethnic skirts you stay? What trends do you like most this spring?

Fashion and blogs 134: What do you want to read? We have it all!


More and more bloggers who point to offer street style posts. And it is something that is appreciated, especially if they are taken from the main cities where they are celebrating the Fashion Week. And if anyone understands that Fashion Week is Sara from Collage Vintage . Every day we are surprised with a look himself (I am a big fan of his style) and fotazas the street. She has photographed Miroslava Duma, Elena Perminova, Natasha Goldenberg and so on. I recommend you paseéis for your page because it is not wasted.

What do they have in common and Victoria's Secret White? More than you think ...


For some time round I make this post, but I never believed or thought it would take so long and so much work that would take me. Stunned I am under to my search! And after knowing the latest Spring-Summer 2013 campaign of Blanco a thought struck me to mind. Something like hey that girl is Adam Levine's ex and was an angel of Victoria's Secret ... As Erin Heatherton. And I started to collect images of them and looking for some model coincide in both firms. but what I found left me exhausted: a total of 16 models since 2008 have staged a campaign to target and have risen to the gateway of the world's most spectacular angels. And other three have been image to the catalog of the American firm.

Purification Garcia handbags spring summer 2013

Bolsos de Purificación García primavera verano 2013 How I love bags Purification Garcia for this spring summer ... pity that one can not buy one so often you'd like!

Purification García bags for this season come in all styles and colors. Obviously there are classics that never fail as 'tribute' or 'first date', practical as they come, but models are latest trend with animal prints, fluorescent colors or black and white.

If you are also a fan of Purification García bags do not miss the new collection for spring summer!

Purification Garcia handbags spring summer 2013

Bolsos de Purificación García primavera verano 2013 Bags Purification Garcia in black and white, one of the trends this season.
Bolsos de Purificación García primavera verano 2013 In spring the color that you not miss! And the truth is that models of Purification Garcia find them in almost every color!
Bolsos de Purificación García primavera verano 2013 Bags with animal print, zebra and leopard.
Bolsos de Purificación García primavera verano 2013 The Purification Garcia classic handbags are a sure hit and serve you muuchas seasons!

What Purification García bags you get this season?

Saint Laurent Fall-Winter 2013/2014: "What, what, what, what, what, we will be again an Empire"

Saint Laurent 2013

When Hedi Slimane dethroned as creative director Stefano Pilati of (then full) Yves Saint Laurent began the customary exchange of opinions and chimeras. Would it improve the work of the great Italian designer during his 10 years as head of YSL ? Or the creative director of Dior Homme hitherto free throw by? The change of name of the firm and was a statement of intent. Goodbye Pilati tradition to cut the roots. Farewell even to the tradition of the French firm. Slimane without brakes. Pain, tears, sobs? Finally alone is valued and misses the great when they are gone. At that time is when they get the madremías, memories to Pilati. That moment was the presentation of the Autumn-Winter 2013/2014.

Tuesday, March 5, 2013

A day of luxury at the Paris Fashion Week: Chanel, Valentino and Alexander McQueen


The penultimate day of parades in Paris is full of great designers and brands. The veteran does not mean sometimes the wisdom, much less. The proposals presented in the beautiful Paris not remain indifferent to almost anyone, whether for good or ill. The fashion circus has its climax in Paris, and I mean the circus that are mounted outside the parades . The street fashion seems to replace the fashion catwalks. And naturally, would be the coexistence of both. Leaving aside the street style, Paris is lived today in luxury fashion.

Valentino Fall-Winter 2013/2014: Romanticism eventful


The designers behind Valentino, Maria Grazia Chiuri and Pier Paolo Piccioli are worthy heirs of the founder. Its collections stand among the best proposals from fashion weeks. They do this by working to constantly guess, discreet and out of the circle of trends. The autumn-winter collection 2013/2014 is an ode to romance, as is customary in them, but with an eye on today.

Fashion is in Forbes billionaire

Bernard Arnault

The list of Forbes billionaires is better not to see her for too long mental health, or if you like the same self masochism. It can take multiple ideas, among them see what sectors are dominant within a exclusive top. The world of fashion is one of the most beneficial winning two positions in the top 10 billionaires, one by Amancio Ortega and another by Bernard Arnault and his family. Inditex in three LVMH at 10. If in addition we at L'Oréal in relation to fashion and beauty Liliane Bettencourt and her family in ninth place, three in ten speak of. But these are not the only names to appear. Attentive.

How to wear a "wide leg pants this spring?

The wide leg pants are complicated, I will not deny. But if we can adapt to our style are the most comfortable and stylish. A celebrity's looks these days and one of the most recommended way to deal with the first sunny days.

Keys for shopping style: the invasion of black & white


This Spring-Summer 2013 a key imperative style in your wardrobe is a black and white garment, and if it can be striped, the better. And is that our stores have suffered invasion header black & white, both look during the day and at night.

H & M contributes to your ultimate outfit is perfect, how? With its supplements coleción


For a couple of seasons absolute'm a real fan of supplements. Before I did not care much, but now it is unthinkable to leave home without a collar XXL or a pair of bracelets that give a special touch to the outfit and different end. What happens if we want variety and change every day we find cheap options so we can get hold large stocks. And one of the firms who enter this field is H & M.

Monday, March 4, 2013

Giambattista Valli Fall-Winter 2013/2014 or how luxury in design

G. Valli 2013/2014

A sample impeccable. This is the Autumn-Winter 2013/2014 by Giambattista Valli. The Italian designer takes us through the female luxury designs, where pastel and metallic colors are the protagonists. The white color provides an exquisite minimalism.

Clash of styles in white: Olivia Munn and Anna Sophia Robb

famous white dresses

The white dress was one of the items that we call our perfect wardrobe essential for the season. And the famous are being applied to the story, because evening gowns have swept the red carpet short dresses are the most common option lately at parties and photocalls. Two famous have chosen a white short dress, Olivia Munn and Anna Sophia Robb what do you prefer?

The wedding of my best friend: Sayan dresses meant for such occasions


A couple of weeks ago one of my best friends gave me one of the coolest news this year (if not most): promised, but the wedding will not take place until next year. Obviously there is still a lot, but I'm already thinking about what I'm going to get. Well I have one thing clear: I want to go bright and spectacular as the occasion worth. And although I know I have to save for that special day I can not afford a big, huge, splurge on the choice of dress. This is where comes in. Sayan: one of my favorite companies for such cases.

Nice Things Spring-Summer 2013: Jared girls succeed in the new catalog


A few months ago I proposed a contest: participate in the new catalog of Nice Things Spring-Summer 2013 . There were many who dared to it and traveled to Barcelona for the final casting. The level was very high but could only choose a small number of all present. Garminde and Martina Maria Hess Jared participants were selected for this new campaign, and today we have the result.

Purification Garcia Spring Summer 2013

Purificacion Garcia primavera verano 2013 The new collection of Purification Garcia spring summer 2013 surrenders to new fashion trends. Purification Garcia, while remaining classic and sophisticated, gives the nod to the stripes, military parkas, ethnic prints, fluoro colors, long dresses, flared skirts and other novelties of this season.

Here are the pictures of the new clothes, bags and accessories spring summer 2013 Purification Garcia of their proposed party as their sport collection. It's worth taking a good eye!

Purificacion Garcia primavera verano 2013

Purification Garcia Spring Summer 2013

I love the skirt with lacing and green parka.

Purificacion Garcia primavera verano 2013

Purification Garcia Spring Summer 2013

That bag with ethnic print Purification Garcia is most interesting accessories from her new collection.

Purificacion Garcia primavera verano 2013

Purification Garcia Spring Summer 2013

Purification Garcia also surrenders to the stripes.

Purificacion Garcia primavera verano 2013

Purification Garcia Spring Summer 2013

As always Purification Garcia has clothes and very pretty party dresses.

Purificacion Garcia primavera verano 2013

Purification Garcia Spring Summer 2013

The new season of Purification Garcia has several cocktail dresses with marked waist.

Purificacion Garcia primavera verano 2013

Purification Garcia Spring Summer 2013

Also new are the asymmetrical designs.

Purificacion Garcia primavera verano 2013

Purification Garcia Spring Summer 2013

Givenchy Fall-Winter 2013/2014: playing innovate

Givenchy Fall-Winter 2013/2014

Far from the sophisticated style that we are accustomed to Riccardo Tisci, the Autumn-Winter 2013/2014 of Givenchy is amazing for its striking prints and the clear mention of childhood with Disney characters. And after eight years in the house, the Creative Director of the French company wanted to do something different.