Friday, March 1, 2013

Audrey Hepburn in an announcement revives chocolates, icons are eternal

Audrey Hepburn Galaxy

Audrey Hepburn relives every day, every month or every year. According want any marks or any editorial publications. The myth of the timeless Belgian actress is looking more and stretch (done, and too much to burn) your image resists because if something is unique. Now "back" in an advertisement for the brand Galaxy chocolates in a magnificent gold work and digital memories.

Audrey Hepburn returns to Rome

Ago Audrey Hepburn 20 years left us rather curiously not have that feeling because we've seen more times than some close relatives. An icon now returns to his beloved film 'Roman Holiday', back to 1953, sixty years later. And what makes the hand of one of his passions: chocolate.

The ad was filmed for British television although I've seen around the world thanks to this clever marketing maneuver by Galaxy. A strategy that involves both lack of new ideas or existing icons to make the role of Audrey Hepburn. It involves having used a recording recreated by an actress then digitally retouched face him putting his Audrey Hepburn. Reading can also be a bit hopeless appeal made to last forever.

Marilyn Monroe is the first place of memories

Marilyn Monroe is the star among Hollywood's most desired, revived and turned into icon. It is also about the star shaped ad resurrections. In 1987 we could see the face of Chanel model Carole Bouquet French getting into his role.

In 2011 Dior played to loop the loop digital resurrections of a campaign to remember with Charlize Theron sharing the stage with none other than Marilyn Monroe, Grace Kelly and Marlene Dietrich.

Mercedes also turned to Marilyn Monroe and the revival of icons James Dean attaching it in the same ad for Mercedes-Benz GLK .

Surely our beloved commentator Bestboy has strong views on this announcement Audrey Hepburn and chocolate.

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