Monday, March 4, 2013

Chloé autumn-winter 2013/2014: less romantic and more urban


If yesterday we saw Chloe's past is fundamentally romantic and feminine , the medium-term future (say, for autumn-winter 2013/2014) is urban, cosmopolitan and very modern. Chloé us a collection full of very wearable clothes, playing with the volume but never fall into excess.

With the white shirt as a token starting around overlapping layers of all kinds, vests, skirts with suspenders and slacks.

Cobalt Blue

How beautiful is the cobalt blue combined with black and gray! Take note of this combination that always works, especially in winter.

chloe blue

White and black, the dynamic duo

One more season, white and black remain the Mambo Kings. In the parade of Chloé get a perfect symbiosis, pure and simple.

chloe black and white

The romantic part of the show comes from the hand of frilly dresses, shirts transparent, golden overlay networks to simple dresses and tulle skirts.

chloe fall 2013

In Jared | Chloé'm a girl and I love to have the clothes in my closet iconic signature
In Jared | Chloé Prefall 2013: We look forward to finishing the winter, and designers wishing to start next

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