Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Fashion and blogs 134: What do you want to read? We have it all!


More and more bloggers who point to offer street style posts. And it is something that is appreciated, especially if they are taken from the main cities where they are celebrating the Fashion Week. And if anyone understands that Fashion Week is Sara from Collage Vintage . Every day we are surprised with a look himself (I am a big fan of his style) and fotazas the street. She has photographed Miroslava Duma, Elena Perminova, Natasha Goldenberg and so on. I recommend you paseéis for your page because it is not wasted.

While in this area we also find Broken Stylee , more street style photos focused on the details of the looks. These poses, accessories and gestures that make a difference.


Looks and outfits

Every day I'm more a fan of the publications of The Petticoat . It is beautiful, stylish and makes great photos. His blog, personally, have that do not know what makes it special, so I keep for months.


And if you are looking for inspiration for these winter days can cuddle Charls-closet or Not Stranger and search through their outfits. Is there something to help you tomorrow?


Gut empty, joyless heart

Every day I'm more a fan of the plans that we proposed from Gourmet Barcelonette Xènia its author. Each week we proposes seven plans to spend the week with a full stomach and enjoy the food of Barcelona. Are you going to follow your recommendations?


You see, in our country we have all kinds of blogs that are cool galore.

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