Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Gifts for parents more gentleman, that have nothing to envy to Sean Connery

Sean Connery

If your father is a real gentlemen, in the style of Sean Connery, sure you're the envy of all your friends (the same until there is a platonic love affair if you plant the longest James Bond) and it is a delight to spend time with him like daughter. Your father deserves the best on Father's Day.

Golf is a sport for gentleman

golf lessons

A true gentleman he is in all facets of life, including the type of sport practiced. Golf is the perfect sport for a gentleman. If your father has not been keen golfer, this is a good time to do so. Give him a golf course for beginners, for example, near Bilbao can hire at the club Celles .

Dressing the gentleman

In a shop like Massimo Dutti can find all types of clothing and accessories to equip a knight of the feet to the head. Classic yet stylish. Otherwise, you can always buy scarves and ties, although most topics gifts.

Massimo Dutti

Accessories brand

Small details in a gentleman have as much or even more than the most momentous and visible at first glance. Branded a virtual gift to help you stand out from other parents.


  • Headphones Marc By Marc Jacobs, for 150 euros.
  • Alexander Wang pouch for 85 euros .
  • Maison Martin Margiela Keychain for 105 euros.
  • Steve Mono Portadocumentos in eggplant skin tone, for 39 euros.

The car, an extension of themselves

fiat 500

Men love their car. And if you have a particular model that they love for its aesthetics. For example, a Fiat 500, which can be protected with a car cover that mimics the original Fiat 500. To keep staff right? It costs 430 euros.

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