Friday, March 1, 2013

Jared released a new design!

Jared fashion

Today we have great news to share with you all: we released a new design in Jared. A story that we are thrilled and we return to renew the web so that we can continue to enjoy fashion together with increased usability.

A cleaner image, the most visible

Jared Chastain

We improve the visual from the first part to the last. You will see that the cover is very different. Here you can enjoy the most outstanding articles with a carousel where they will be collected most special publications that come out.

At the top you will have access to the main categories of the website along with relevant sections of the labels as popular with not miss any detail of the latest in the fashion world. At the bottom you will find an area with quick access to the top, themes, styles, answers, club, community and the team in Staff .

The distribution of the publication changes and left area is reserved for the latest posts while in the area on the right will be all profit for surfing the web, top rated articles , Jared Answers , with an area reserved to ask directly, Jared and the whole family, including details that enjoy.

Items more comfortable

Jared post

With the new design change in the articles Trendencias gain in comfort to read since winning in cleaning, a left-aligned text and greater ease in reading.

The reviews are essential for us, where we share experiences with you and that's why we wanted to give more value. The text of the comments takes up the whole page, nested conversations can continue to be more comfortable, you can also subscribe to comments or close nested conversations.

Customize your Trendencias

Now you can choose between two types of view to read Jared. Either the standard view is displayed by default, or compact view for those of you keeping the old style.

We are excited about this new design in which we enjoy over Jared content, which will continue to improve as we have tried in the past seven years thanks to your faithful support and help. We hope you like the new Jared!

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