Monday, March 4, 2013

Jessica Alba is the model of the famous street style in Paris

Jessica Alba

With the Fashion Week in Paris up the street style is in the French capital, while the best bloggers and fashionistas choose life looks (or costumes) more elaborate famous as Jessica Alba continues to show us that they also are ahead when imposing fashion and new trends. What are your suggestions?

Mother and daughter crazy for a coat

Jessica Alba Blue

Jessica Alba is passionate about the brightest colors and the blue we have seen repeatedly. In short, without reaching the knee, double breasted and wide collars. A celebritie look to the airport and "unnoticed" with hat included, of course.

Daughter Jessica Alba

Then soon see his daughter and roles change. Now is she who points to this design in turquoise and follows in the footsteps of her mother, this time in black but without forgetting a touch of color with a vivid green handbag.

Commitments fashion

Jessica Alba Kenzo

Jessica Alba came to Paris not forever hobby, yours are commitments fashion with some of the leading firms. The parade of Kenzo did not want to lose and for that chose one of the Orient's own signature. Everything looks good on the American actress? A proof we refer.

Jessica Alba Stella McCartney

The parade of Stella McCartney is one of their stops on their agenda Parisian and this time opted for a more demure style, as usual according to the firm and its fashion. In black and white with minute details as sequins marking lines. Well pretty.

Jessica Alba Diesel

The world of the night is not lost to Jessica Alba while Diesel celebrates one of his parties and to do it again to change trend and style for something more youthful and a touch to look sexy navel in a top and pants forming a look which point highlights were his sandals.

Nothing to envy to any blogger, rather always be reversed.

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