Saturday, March 2, 2013

Live with Style: Jezebel weekly schedule of 71


It seems impossible that we are back to Saturday. Before us less than 48 hours to do nothing? No, it's best to use the time, but then comes Sunday and one gets the feeling of losing time uselessly. So I always try to help with plans for today and tomorrow. What to do to not feel a being at home? I have it clear: go to the movies.

And this week sees the release 'Beautiful Creatures' a kind of like the Twilight Saga but instead of vampires, witches. In the movie blog give us a more detailed critique of what, do you dare?

If you are taking advantage of the free time to cook you should consider this recipe: cake Nesquik . Chocolate makes me crazy, so today I'll get to work and all my friends will delight with my artwork.


Do you have to prepare a birthday party for smaller house and have no idea where to start? In babies and give us help to decorate the house for the big day: with paper dinosaurs. Plates, invitations and other decorations with these animals so ... terrifying?


If Estis thinking a summer in California, you will have to keep in mind that daily commuter recommend us: Tommy's Joynt, the dinner where every day is Thanksgiving. I just love 110% yankees sites and seeing the pictures this is the place.


And if you're from the vicious to Instagram (I join the group), you must take into account the latest news that give us fellow Trendencias Shopping : the Instagram Socialmatic Camera. Led by Polaroid, this new camera will be marketed.


If the weekend I spend on beauty and take care of yourself, Olivia Palermo may inspire you. And e sque socialite is absolute fanatic d ela signature Essie and it shows in their blog entries. Do you share the same nail polish she?


Happy weekend!

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